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Company Name:
Office Address
Address 1:
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ZIP Code:
Nature of Business:
Products to be Displayed:
Name to appear on Fascia Board:
Contact Person:
Company Product Profile

I am interested in:
 Raw Space - US$ 745 for 2x2 sq.m.

Raw Space means that the exhibit space does not include any construction, furniture and fittings. The exhibitor will be responsible for its own stand design, construction and furnishings. Electrical fittings are to be ordered from the official stand contractor.

 NEW! Hospital Solutions Clinic

US$ 1,250 for 30 minutes (August 29, 4:00‐5:30 PM)
Same as a shell scheme PLUS inclusion in the formal program of the event to offer a 30-minute clinic in a special time slot reserved for such clinics. Topic and speaker are subject to the approval of the program committee.

 Shell Scheme Package - US$ 845 for 2x2 sq.m

Shell Scheme is a ready-to-go stand and includes: Exhibition Space; White Laminated Walls; Carpet for booth area; Fascia board with company name in standard letter; 1 fluorescent light; 1 information counter; 2 folding chairs; 1 power point.

I want to avail of the following benefits for registered exhibitors:
 Special Networking Pass - US$525 (All the the benefits of a registered delegate including conference bag, delegate meals and entry to all workshops. Networking pass is limited to one per exhibitor)
 One (1) Banner Placement/ Poster Display outside the booth (approximately 2x6 ft.) in the amount of US$180
 Lunches Only. Please provide me one lunch pass for each of the two days at US$30 per lunch, total US$60

Summary of Cost

Raw Scheme units x US$745
Shell Scheme units x US$845
Hospital Solutions Clinic by Exhibitor pc x US$1,250
Networking Pass delegate/s x US$525
Lunch day/s x US$30
Total Cost US$

Cancellation and Refunds

Upon execution of this agreement, the Exhibitor shall be responsible for the payment of all charges contemplated herein. The exhibitor also agrees to the terms and regulations of the organizers. Refunds less US$100 will be granted for WRITTEN request received by July 18,2014. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED AFTER THIS DATE. The Exhibitor acknowledges that she/he has read the entire agreement and understands the contents thereof.


For further inquiries about Hospital Trends Expo, please contact:
Mylene Alcazar

Expo Coordinator
Unit 27 AR-01, 27/F Burgundy Corporate Tower
252 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City 1223, Philippines
Phone: (632) 846 8339, Fax: (632) 812 6288
Email: mylenealcazar@exedraevents.com