Pulpit rock

1. Present your products and solutions to USERS and decision makers for budgets and brands. Talk to captive hospital managers who are in a receptive mood.

2. Bond with hospitals and hospital associations in Asia by being part of a fraternity that we deliver.

3. Open doors to sell to hospitals in Asia: Approximately 1,000 delegates from 30+ countries.

4. Gain significant pre, during and post event benefits. You gain recognition as an important        solutions supplier.

5. Be assured you get what you signed up for. A sponsorship manual and conference standards are provided to all sponsors. A post event report compares commitments to delivery.

6. Enhance brand reputation and image. Superior organization, careful planning to ensure maximum exposure and networking in a quality environment.

7. Gain inbound traffic to your website - where your clients visit YOU.  Increase share of mind and of market: Industry exclusivity is assured.


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Sponsorship Contact:

Ms. Mylene Alcazar
Marketing and Media Coordinator
Email: mylenealcazar@exedraevents.com
Tel No: +632 8468339