The HMA Community


Hospital Management Asia (HMA)

helps hospital owners, C-level executives, directors, clinicians and healthcare leaders improve outcomes and becoming increasingly efficient

HMA has an expansive foothold and presence in Asia’s hospital management community. Since 2002, it has strong ties with medical and hospital associations across the region especially in ASEAN as well as Hong Kong and India. They act as advisers to ensure topics discussed and thought leaders showcased are relevant and current to the Asian context.

What HMA is and does:

  • Focuses on learning for hospitals in the region
  • Showcases best practices in quality & safety, patient experience, talent management, and digital transformation
  • Ensures Asian hospitals don’t get left behind and presents global trends

HMA Community

The HMA Community is a strong group of 27,000+ healthcare leaders in the region from hospital owners, CEO’s, department heads, and innovation leaders.

How we engage and keep the community updated:

  • HMA Newsletter: a delicately curated digital platform that provides you content 365 days a year.  It is a bi-weekly online publication circulated to hospital management heads in the region.
  • HMA Webinars: series on online events addressing the latest issues in healthcare management.
  • HMA social engagements: regular updates on social platforms to continuously keep our community posted.

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