Efforts to grow Japan’s medical industry

Dr Akiyama from Medical Excellence JAPAN, and Dr Sakai from Japan Hospital Cooperative, Inc., shares insights into efforts to grow Japan’s medical industry.

Dr Minoru Akiyama

Executive Director, Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ);

Dr Tsuneo Sakai

President, Japan Hospital Cooperative, Inc.


Dr Akiyama shared on MEJ’s mission to contribute to world medical care, healthcare in Japan, and economic development in both Japan and the world.

To reach this mission, it organises the MEJ Forum, which aims at promoting international medical cooperation, providing healthcare professionals with opportunities to interact and share expertise. MEJ provides accreditation to medical travel agencies and hospitals in Japan that support international medical tourists, facilitating the growth of the medical tourism market. It also operates overseas public-private joint mission activities, and sets up medical training centres in countries, such as an Endoscopy Training Centre in Thailand.

Dr Sakai highlighted that Japan is approaching a turning point, as the country faces a population decline and an ageing population. COVID-19 has also proved to be a challenge to hospital management and healthcare delivery, including for Japan’s hospitals.

Despite the changes to the delivery methods, the fundamental commitment to the patient-centred approach should remain. More so than ever, the pandemic has reinforced the importance of interactions and connectivity between industry, academia and medical services.