Kicking off the ASEAN-Japan Dialogue on Healthcare

Representatives from METI and MEJ welcome participants to the 2-day Dialogue, which has an exciting series of healthcare sector-specific webinars coming up.

Opening Remarks:

Mr Takuma Inamura

Director, Healthcare Industries Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and  Industry (METI), Government of Japan

Welcome Remarks:

Dr Tatsuya Kondo

Chief Executive Officer of Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) and Chief Executive Emeritus of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA)


Today marks the first day of the 2-day ASEAN-Japan Dialogue on Healthcare, with a series of focused healthcare sector-specific webinars coming up.

Presented by METI in collaboration with MEJ and the Nomura Research Institute, this dialogue aims to promote understanding between ASEAN and Japanese medical institutions, and look at ways to enhance the healthcare ecosystem collaboratively.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all countries globally, the talks will also cover the global outlook for the healthcare sector post-COVID 19. While the pandemic has brought many challenges to healthcare institutions in the region, the speakers expressed hope that it could also be a catalyst for innovation, which could bring the industry to a new phase.

To join the ASEAN-Japan Dialogue on Healthcare sessions, please click here.