The HMA Awards is a prestigious honour which recognises best practices in Asia’s hospitals. Launched in 2002, it runs alongside the annual Hospital Management Asia conference, and has grown into the most prominent hospital management awards in the region. The Awards seeks to highlight innovative and progressive projects undertaken by hospitals across the region to improve outcomes.

Why participate in HMA Awards

Position your hospital as a healthcare leader in the region
Entering HMA Awards showcases your hospital’s dedication to continuously improve.

Build momentum for process & service improvement within the hospital

This process, aside from getting an award, has proven to ignite enthusiasm among the hospital staff consequently attracting patients and other talents alike.

Develop hospital culture & boosting team morale

Joining the awards will recognise the effort done by your staff over the year, acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

Inspire hospitals in the region and create a movement on better healthcare services
Your innovation can inspire other hospitals, creating a ripple of impact, focused on improving quality of care.

Promote a patient-centred approach

Working on these projects will help your team focus on providing value to patients and improving the patient journey in your hospital

Deadline for submission is on 30 May 2022, at 11:59pm (+8:00 GMT).

Note that you can submit one project to more than one category. There is an admin fee of USD 100 for each submission.

Winners will be announced during the Awards Watch Party at HMA 2022.