Category: Cybersecurity

October 21, 2021
We hear from Vietnam’s Vinmec Ha Long International Hospital on their digital transformation journey thus far, and also downtime preparedness and security measures in place
October 12, 2021
In the face of evolving cyber threats, healthcare providers need to take a collective, organisational approach to cybersecurity to build strong, effective defence
September 9, 2021
Setting privacy standards and raising awareness of data privacy and security will be key for the healthcare sector, which has been the victim of major data breaches in recent years
August 5, 2021
Hong Kong’s electronic health record system enabled data sharing across providers, but privacy and security fears linger
March 25, 2021
Mr Alvin Lim, Group Technology and IT Security Director of Fullerton Health, speaks on the organisation’s cybersecurity efforts in the face of challenges posed by COVID-19
March 25, 2021
Mr Linus Tham, Group Chief Information Officer of IHH Healthcare, shares how his organisation has mitigated cybersecurity threats, amidst a rise in cyberattacks on the healthcare sector.
December 9, 2020
Experts share insights and recommendations on how hospitals can strengthen their cyber defences in light of increasing cyber-attacks during COVID-19.
September 24, 2020
On maintaining good cyber hygiene, preparing against and responding to cyber-attacks, and understanding the rationale of attacks in the healthcare ecosystem
September 24, 2020
Gathering thoughts from hospital leaders in Asia about cybersecurity risks, awareness, and solutions