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850Welcome by HMA with opening video
900Opening remarks
H. E. Dr Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health, Ministry of Public Health Thailand
1000Coffee break & Tech Talk
1030Quality & SafetyPatient Experience Featured session: COVID learnings 
 Redesigning hospital processes for productivity and better outcomesHow to create an all-round patient experience, from before admission to after dischargePreparing for the next crisis: Learnings from COVID-19 and other past crises
1200Lunch break   
1210Tech Talks
 1210 – 1220: Tech talk 1
 1230 – 1240: Tech talk 2
 1250 – 1300: Tech talk 3
1300Quality & SafetyPatient Experience Featured session: Transitioning 
 How robotic process automation can boost quality and safety standardsHow to use telehealth without losing the personal touch with patientsFinding the right balance between COVID and non COVID resource allocation
1430Coffee break
 Tech Talk
1500Quality & SafetyPatient Experience Featured sessions:  Emergency preparedness 
 How to deliver value-based outcomes for truly patient-centric careWhat does Patient Experience in the next decade look like?Securing all connected devices against cyberattacks to ensure care continuity
1630Quality & SafetyPatient Experience Featured session: Cybersecurity
 How to support clinicians with the right information for best clinical decisionsHow to value add to the patient experience with Digital TechnologyPreparing for a new age of health data security
1800End of conference day