The HMA Awards is a prestigious honour which recognises best practices in Asia’s hospitals. Launched in 2002, it runs alongside the annual Hospital Management Asia conference, and has grown into the most prominent hospital management awards in the region.

The Awards seeks to highlight innovative and progressive projects undertaken by hospitals across the region to improve outcomes.

Sep 2022

10:00 - 18:00 (SGT +8:00)

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Why participate in HMA Awards:

I. Position your hospital as a healthcare leader in the region
Entering HMA Awards showcases your hospital’s dedication to continuously improve.

II. Build momentum for process & service improvement within the hospital
This process, aside from getting an award, has proven to ignite enthusiasm among the hospital staff consequently attracting patients and other talents alike.

III. Develop hospital culture & boosting team morale
Joining the awards will recognise the effort done by your staff over the year, acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

IV. Inspire hospitals in the region and create a movement on better healthcare services
Your innovation can inspire other hospitals, creating a ripple of impact, focused on improving quality of care.

V. Promote a patient-centred approach
Working on these projects will help your team focus on providing value to patients and improving the patient journey in your hospital

Deadline for submission is on 30 May 2022, at 11:59pm (+8:00 GMT).  Note that you can submit one project to more than one category. There is an admin fee of USD 100 for each submission .

Winners will be announced during the Awards Watch Party at HMA 2022.


Best in Branding & Marketing Campaign

Gold Award Winner:

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (Philippines) – WebiCon (WEBinar + Press CONference): Making quality and innovative healthcare accessible to everyone through education

Runners-up (Excellence Award Winners):

    • Asian Hospital and Medical Center (Philippines) – The Nursing Virtual Platform: Transforming Nursing Education and Innovating for Talent Acquisition during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
    • Hoan My Medical Corporation (Vietnam) – Nurses: The Resilient Blossoms
    • KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital (Malaysia) – Utilizing New Communication Channels To Promote KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital Cancer Centre Of Excellence (Ccoe)

Best in Community Involvement

Gold Award Winner:

The People’s hospital of Deyang City, Sichuan (China) – Scaling up the application of homogenous management strategies for pressure injuries under regional alliances

Runners-up (Excellence Award Winners):

    • Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd (India) – Go Green for Sustainability with Community Engagement – Bucket Programme
    • Third Hospital of Xiamen (China) – Community Involvement Project of the Third Hospital of Xiamen

Financial Improvement

Gold Award Winner:

Aster CMI Hospital (India) – Just In Time (JIT) Model for Chemotherapy Drugs

Runners-up (Excellence Award Winners):

    • Dubai Health Authority (UAE) – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in DHA’s Procure to Pay Process
    • National University Hospital, Singapore – Reduce length of stay (LOS) for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) Value Driven Outcomes Projects

Most Advanced Healthcare Technology

Gold Award Winner:

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (India) – Silverlining In Dark Clouds – Pandemic Driven Acceleration Of Patient Communication App

Runners-up (Excellence Award Winners):

    • Dubai Health Authority (UAE) – Dubai E-Connected Healthcare Model towards COVID 19 Response
    • National University Health System (Singapore) – Discovery AI (DAI) Platform for NUHS Cluster-wide Research

Patient Experience Improvement

Gold Award Winner:

Sunway Medical Centre (Malaysia) – Outpatient Repeat Medication Service: An Improved Patient-Centric Service To Enhance Customer Experience

Runners-up (Excellence Award Winners):

    • The People’s Hospital of Deyang City, Sichuan (China) – Construction and Implementation of Full-process Service Model of Ambulatory Surgery Based on Project Management Concept
    • West China Hospital of Sichuan University (China) – “To get close to the patients from the operating room” – Perioperative Patient Experience Improvement Project

Best in Patient Safety

Gold Award Winner:

Rajagiri Hospital (India) – TRIGON Pressure Ulcer Management Tool

Runners-up (Excellence Award Winners):

    • Mary Mediatrix Medical Center (Philippines) – Mediatrix Code HB Program: The Heart of Batangas
    • Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Singapore) – Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®)

Best in Talent Development

Gold Award Winner:

Makati Medical Center (Philippines) – Rainbow ConnectionRunners-up (Excellence Award Winners):

    • Apollo Speciality Hospital – OMR (India) – Project WISSEN-The state of art practice in maternity ward
    • West China Hospital of Sichuan University (China) – Innovate the mode of remote CME – Build a COVID19 prevention and treatment training system with medical personnel as the core

30 May 2022, 11:59PM (GMT +8:00)

There are a total of 7 categories as part of HMA Awards. For each category, the general criteria are as follows – do keep them in mind as you select the category most relevant for your project.

    • IMPROVEMENT: How has the project improved the pressing or relevant issues in that category?
    • IMPACT/SIGNIFICANT RESULTS: What are the results? Are these measurable? Are there testimonials, awards, or other support to show the impact of your project in that area? 
    • SUSTAINABILITY: Is your project prevention oriented, and will it reduce or eliminate the identified issues or problems? Will the benefits be long lasting? 
    • ADEQUACY / COMPOSITION: Was the process and means by which the project was conducted adequate to meet its goals? Was the composition of the team about right? Were appropriate analysis tools used, or was it only a matter of throwing money at the problem? 
    • PROCESS/INVOLVEMENT: How was the roll-out of the new project conducted? Was ample time and consideration given for relevant employees to be familiar with it? To what extent is senior management involved?

Please click on the tabs below for more details on each category:

I. Clinical Effectiveness Improvement

This award recognises patient safety projects specific to clinical effectiveness across the patient journey from diagnosis to delivery of care. This includes safety protocols & processes, reporting, management and prevention of sentinel events such as medication errors. We are looking at projects that reduce or eliminate errors in delivery of care.

II. Infection Control Excellence

This award recognises effective hospital infection control initiatives that led to better patient safety and improved care. The project should demonstrate how the hospital will better prepare and adapt to future pandemics, how it is prevention-oriented and will effectively contain contagious infections that occur moving forward.

III. Community Involvement

This award recognises hospitals that engage the community, through activities such as socially responsible practices, preventative health education and free services. The project should make a significant improvement in healthcare within the community it serves.

IV. Most Advanced Healthcare Technology

(Innovations in Healthcare Technology + Innovations in Hospital Management + Mobile & Online Services)

This award recognises hospitals which have adopted the most advanced IT solutions (such as AI, big data, remote care, smart technologies). That particular solution must address a relevant and pressing need in one of the hospital’s departments, and must have led to tangible improvements after its introduction. We are also looking out for well-planned implementations, for example phased roll-outs with training sessions for employees to be comfortable with the new solution.

V. Patient Experience Improvement

(Customer Service + Clinical Service + Nursing Excellence)

This award recognises projects focused on improving the patient experience, from admission to discharge and after care, in terms of patient well-being, comfort and service level. Projects that contribute to improved overall service culture, or are adapted by other departments, will be well looked upon.

We welcome projects led by physicians, nurses or ancillary departments. *In your submission, please specify which area of patient experience your project is focused on (e.g.  nursing, laboratory, pharmacy, specialty clinics, food & nutrition, housekeeping etc).

VI. Financial Improvement

(Cost Reduction + Facility Management & Financial Improvement)

This award recognises projects that drive revenue generation/cost savings while maintaining high quality of care. This includes waste reduction, and efficient management of facilities and equipment.

VII. Talent Development

This award recognises innovative staff development programmes established to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies of staff. This includes programmes for talent acquisition, performance management, learning and motivation, compensation, career development, and succession planning. Please indicate the proportion of staff trained, the analysis that went into developing the programme, and details of the training sessions (fixed sessions or learn at your own pace, physical or digital, etc).

30 May 2022, 11:59PM (GMT +8:00)


All hospitals located in Asia can participate. Hospital groups of non-Asian origin are also eligible as long as the entry is from and for their hospital in Asia.

Small and big hospitals have equal chances of winning because the awards are for the success of projects, programs or services that were implemented during the award period and not for the overall excellence of the hospital. In this sense public and private hospitals, small and large ones too, have equal chances of winning.

Entries must be for projects, programs, or services that were implemented or significantly enhanced from January 2021 to May 2022. In this sense, the awards are for the introduction of new projects, or for the improvements in 2021-2022 of existing programs and systems. In general, the judges favour new projects over enhancements of existing initiatives.

Note that you can submit one project to more than one category.

In all cases, there should be objective, quantifiable, and verifiable measurements as to the effectiveness of the project.

Entry Fee

The fee for each project entry is USD100. Full payment for your entries must be made on or before May 30, 2022, 11:59PM (GMT +8:00) or the entries will not be considered. Payment will be via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) only.

Submission language

Please make sure you submit all your answers and supporting documents in English as the judging panel are comprised of international experts.

Supporting Materials

All entries need to be accompanied by supporting documentation, such as:

      • CEO certification form (Mandatory)
      • Press reports
      • Awards won
      • Photos related to the project
      • Commendations received
      • Comments and testimonials from stakeholders
      • Measurable results achieved
      • Anything to convince the judges that your entry meets the criteria best

Supporting materials MUST be in English. If they are in another language, a certified translation must be provided. You may attach up to 5 supporting materials in your online submission. Please take note that one of the attachments must be the CEO certification form.

Attached files must be no larger than 2MB each. Documents must be in .pdf, .doc (word), .xls (excel) or .ppt format. images must be in .jpg/.png format. No video file attachments are allowed. There will be no exceptions accepted.

CEO Certification

The CEO/Hospital Director needs to sign a certification of authenticity for your project. Click HERE to download the form.

Submission Process

      1. Make sure you understand and agree to these rules & regulations.
      2. Sign up in the submission platform where you will find:
        • Questions you need to answer for the category/ies you are submitting for
        • List of documents you need to submit to support your project’s excellence
        • Payment of admin fee (USD100) by Visa/Mastercard only
      1. Don’t worry, you do not need to complete everything at one go, nor will your submission be confirmed until you pay and press a submit button.

Winners announcement

Winners will be announced during the Awards Watch Party at HMA 2022. Finalists will be informed two months before to prepare for the project video presentation at the event.


For more information, please contact Rose Onilongo at, or call +65 6590 3948.