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Exclusive interviews with hospital CEOs across Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

By Hospital Insights Asia and Wolters Kluwer – Healthcare costs are ballooning, regulations are tightening, and populations are ageing. It is becoming much more complex to provide affordable healthcare.

Meanwhile, the pressure is on to eliminate errors and keep patients safe. In today’s age, where we hold more computing power in the palms of our hands than it took to send a man to the moon, preventable errors are simply inexcusable.

This guide for Asia’s hospital leaders collects stories of hospital transformations across Southeast Asia. These healthcare providers are learning to balance patient safety and outcomes with cost and performance. They are discovering what it means to be clinically effective, and can provide valuable lessons from their journeys.

We hope that this guide will allow hospital leaders and managers to share their successes, lessons and insights with each other, so that healthcare providers everywhere can work together towards a common goal – safer, more effective care for all.

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Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

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