Patient experience, COVID-19 management amongst key topics covered at HMA China online exchange

Here’s a recap of the key hospital management themes discussed by Chinese and international healthcare leaders

While hospitals in different parts of the world may be operating within diverse environments and circumstances, certain trends in healthcare – such as the advent of digitalisation, and the challenges arising from COVID-19 – are shared themes that all hospitals have had to grapple with and adapt to.

This was evident from the presentations and discussions between international and Chinese healthcare leaders at the HMA China online exchange, which was held on 6 and 7 August 2021. The event saw speakers and panellists from countries like the United States, England and Singapore share their insights on a series of pertinent hospital management topics.

Myriad of topics discussed

The digitalisation of healthcare, and what it means for healthcare professionals and patients, was one of the key themes discussed during the conference. The rise of digital systems and tools, such as telehealth, command centres and wearables, hold much promise for patients – but how can hospitals balance the operational and financial issues related to such an adoption?

Watch the presentation by Dr Charles Wiener, President, Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

COVID-19 unsurprisingly remains an ongoing issue for many hospital managers at the moment. Speakers from hospitals around the world shared their experiences with infection control, how they ensured the safety of their frontline staff, and how they pivoted their business model in the pandemic era.

Listen to this session on hospital infection control management, with Prof. Quek Swee Chye, Chairman Medical Board, National University Hospital, Singapore; and Prof Xu Zhi Liang, Assistant to CEO, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (Hubei General Hospital), RHWU, CEO of Han Chuan Hospital of RHWU

Aside from digitalisation and the pandemic, the patient experience will need to be relooked at as well. The patient experience encompasses more than just patient satisfaction or surveys. Can the patient experience be made more seamless and integrated – from admission to discharge, and amongst the care team of doctors, nurses and pharmacists? How can hospitals transform patient experience in the new normal?

Don’t miss the insights from Dr Thomas Howell of Mayo Clinic, and the panel discussion involving Jason Wolf, President & CEO, The Beryl Institute, USA; Irene Chan, Director, Office of Patient Experience, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital; and Dr. Dong Jiechang, Party Secretary of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A wide range of hospital management topics were also discussed, including that of hospital financial management. New payment models – such as diagnosis-related group (DRG) – and purchasing models, such as centralised medicine purchase, can be useful for hospitals to look into in the ‘new normal’. Separately, building a strong culture and staff management system is a key pillar for a hospital’s success – the correlation between staff and patient satisfaction cannot be understated.

Catch the presentations on central drug purchase by Prof Qu ChenJiang, President of The First People’s Hospital of ZhangJiaGang City and Nina Uldal, Director of Tendering Procedures and Negotiation, Amgros, Denmark; and hospital culture by Göran Henriks, Chief Executive of Learning and Innovation, Region Jönköping County, and Prof Cheng Fanjun, Dean, West Campus of Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

HMA Lifetime Achievement Award

The HMA China event also saw the Lifetime Achievement Award awarded to Prof Huang Guoying, President of Children’s Hospital of Fudan University, for his dedication and achievements in the area of pediatric medicine over the past decades. Children’s Hospital of Fudan University is a leading tertiary pediatric hospital in China, and also a top teaching hospital. Prof Huang shared about his ongoing drive for research and innovation in improving pediatric treatments; and for guiding the next generation of pediatricians with the wealth of experience he has accumulated. Watch his award speech here.

The on-demand videos of all sessions will be available here for free, till 9 September 2021.

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