The simple, but effective ways Makati Medical Center boosted staff morale during the pandemic

The physical, mental and emotional toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on healthcare workers is no secret. After all, at the height of the pandemic, many hospitals found themselves […]

The physical, mental and emotional toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on healthcare workers is no secret.

After all, at the height of the pandemic, many hospitals found themselves overwhelmed with an influx of infected patients. All the while, healthcare workers bravely continued to provide care for their patients despite exhaustion, the threat of infection, and the ever-present risk of transmitting the virus to their loved ones.

As a result, many medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, suffered from severe burnout, which led to a wave of resignations in the healthcare sector over the past year.

Recognising the importance of supporting their staff during such challenging times, the Philippines’ Makati Medical Center decided to embark on a project – titled ‘Rainbow Connection’ – with the aim of keeping morale within the hospital high.

In their awards submission to HMA, Makati Medical Center wrote: “The pandemic has brought depressing outcomes, not only to patients, but to our frontliners as well. That is why uplifting the spirits of our frontliners is vital, since they are the workforce placing their lives on the line.

“Encouraging them physically, mentally, and emotionally so that they can continue to face the challenges ahead is very important, because if not for them, there will be no one who will take care of our patients.

“So, the goal of the project is to inspire, help, uplift others and strengthen our resolve to continue providing quality service, and show our love and care not only to our colleagues, but to our patients as well.”

To that end, Makati Medical Center utilised social media platforms Viber and TikTok, as well as various other online tools, to connect with their staff and foster a spirit of unity.

They explained: “The unique concept of Rainbow Connection is made possible through the use of internet and social media platforms like Viber and Tiktok. We connected with everyone by sharing good news through our Viber group, and spread positivity among our staff through moving quotations and jokes.

“We inspired staff by conducting a friendly competition to express and showcase their talents. This proved to be both entertaining, as well as a way for our staff to de-stress. We also organised a competition for our staff to showcase their talents in either acting, singing, or dancing via TikTok.

“In addition, we promoted an online workout challenge, as well as online yoga sessions for the employees, to help them develop a healthy mind, body, and soul.

“We helped each other by creating an online marketplace (on Facebook) for employees to buy and sell items, which was a good way for them to earn extra income. Finally, we held a lucky draw online for staff, in which we were able to give out over 300 prizes.”

These initiatives proved to be a huge hit, with the Rainbow Connection project receiving great feedback from Makati Medical Center’s employees.

“The online activities prepared was able to uplift the spirit of our employees who are directly rendering service to all our patients, and resulted in a total morale boost,” the hospital claimed. “The events were well received…and we were able to reward almost 50% of the total population with prizes ranging from care kits (which contains sanitizers and masks), to big-ticket items such as electric scooters.

“Working through the protective gears and equipment, we were able to make our staff smile, which helped share the energy of positive thinking to our patients.”

While these initiatives did come at a cost to Makati Medical Center, the hospital believes it was all worthwhile, as it ultimately helped them achieve their goal of improving the quality of care.

“We always believe that giving quality service starts within ourselves because if we are not okay, we will not be able to give our best in everything we do, especially in our work,” the hospital elaborated.

“That is why we believe that healing ourselves is our first step to be able to inspire, uplift and help others. Like a torch passed on to others, the light of hope we saw through the crisis can be passed on to others as well.”


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